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The Escape Key

The Escape Key is an experimental art project by a group of friends in Seattle. This intergalactic funhouse transports space tourists into a low orbit around the Earth in an attempt to recreate the Overview Effect for a fraction of the cost offered by NASA. 

What is this?

The escape key is an intergalactic funhouse

We present to you, a seamless black monolith on the horizon resembling the escape key on a keyboard, with a science fiction adventure contained inside. Find your way into the lobby, where we will prepare you for a flight to space. Our shuttle will ferry a handful of passengers to the space station that is in a low orbit around the Earth. Once there, we invite you take in the beautiful view of the world below. There is also opportunity to flip switches and commandeer the controls. For the easiest return to Earth, we send you on a space walk through a tessellated worm-hole of infinity and geometry. We look forward to you joining us!

Why this?

the overview effect

We were inspired by a concept known as "The Overview Effect" -- 

"The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface." 

Unfortunately, we are not astronauts and will never be able to experience this in real life. Instead we are attempting to create a simulation with the Escape Key project.

Visit our FAQ for more resources about the Overview Effect. 

Where is it?


Ignition has funded a portion of Escape Key and will be at Critical NW, the Burning Man regional in Washington. Dates are July 3 - 9.

We are working on bringing this out to Burning Man 2017.

About Us

We are a crew based in Seattle with a soft spot for astronomy and sci-fi. We have always wanted to bring an art project to Burning Man -- one that would let us explore new concepts, teach us to be fearless, challenge our limits, and triumph over failed experiments. Most of all, we are building a project to blow minds.  


01. Brian A.

Project Founder

02. Chanel r.

Volunteer Coordinator and Logistics

03. Josh p.

Construction Lead and Electrical

04. Jess b.

Creative Lead and Graphic Design


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